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23 October 2014

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 Fire destroyed the Dollar Barn in Cook  Fire at the Vermilion Motel

Nelmi Koivu  ~   Accident at Highways #1 & 73   ~  The Leding House

Snell Family Reunion ~  Fishing Camp & Wein Airplane ~ Ostlund Garage

William J. Lobe ~ Brother died this morning ~ Bible Questions

2015, Class Reunion for the Class of 1964 & 1965

All because two people fell in love


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Grace Carstens, age 90, of Canby, MN, passed away Sunday, October 19, 2014  

Yvonne H. (Hauta) Prill, died on October 11, 2014 in Denver Colorado.  

Mathew Sushoreba, age 92, of Hibbing, died Sunday, October 12, 2014

Orvall L. Albertson, 94, of Eveleth, died Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kathleen Edblom (Gerald) Sternberg 69, passed away Oct 09, 2014, Service Oct 13, 2014

Priscilla Morrison, 84, Nett Lake, passed away on Monday, September 29, 2014

Beth Mary (Davison) Nelson, 93, died on Sept. 24, 2014 at Cook 

Ellen L. (Rude) Johnson, 82, of Greaney, passed away on Sept 21, 2014


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The Five Grandsons of Ole & Helga Olson


Then and Now

The City Hall, Library and Jail. It was constructed in 1948.

Now the Library is where the Fire Department doors were.

In 1992 City Hall was moved to the Visitors Center.


Highway 53 opened, August 29, 2014, KGM Contractors did a beautiful job

.Construction of the four-lane highway 53 south of Cook





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 by Muriel Simonson

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 Gasoline prices   ~  Calculator

$ 2.90, Cook, 21 Oct,  gas prices this year

$ 3.06, Orr, 09 Oct, Barb Christensen

$ 2.90, Virginia, 17 Oct, James Saranpaa

$ 2.90, Chisholm, 10 Oct, Jeri Bonnette

$ 2.82, Hibbing, 16 Oct, Jeri Bonnette

$ 2.77, Duluth, 17 Oct, Ann Wiermaa, Saranpaa 

$ 3.36, Bedford, Pennsylvania, 20 Oct, Ron & Jean Saxe

$ 3.48, Flagstaff, Arizona, 26 Aug, Doug & Mary Lindgren

$ 3.89, Big Rapids, Mi, 13 Jun, Bill Barnes
$ 3.07, Cambridge, Mn, 10 Oct, John Barnes

$ 2.99, Danville, Virginia, 04 Sep, Barb Woitel Arel

$ 3.39, Brainerd, 12 Aug, Len & Cheryl Lokken































Gavin  Annette